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In a world where we lose ourselves

in individuality, we create the

movement of tomorrow.

Urban Sports such as skateboarding, freerunning, and urban dance are booming. These appealing lifestyle sports are growing because people more and more want to decide with whom, where, and when they want to sport. At the same time, municipalities increasingly want to focus on urban sports, and large brands are targeting this target ‘group of the future’. As a society, we are therefore increasingly embracing urban sports.

However, we encounter new challenges. How do you reach a fast-growing market that is fragmented, has no established sports clubs, with athletes who do not have fixed times, see the entire city as their playground, and are therefore completely unbound?


Urban sports   

- Urban sports are rising (opportunity)

- Don’t know where all the sport ‘hotspots’ are

- You can’t easily compete and meet others 

- There are (almost) no organized urban sport clubs


- No insights into urban sports 

- How to formulate urban and execute an urban policy?

- Not being able to reach and service Urban Sports 
- The quality of life decreases through urbanization


- How to keep customers connected?

- & engaging our audience with activations that fit today's digital world?

- Don’t want to use plain-advertisement

- Urban sports have a unique & trendy image (opportunity)



change the world of urban sports

Worlds first smart urban sports platform which connects the shattered urban community through the passion they love, engage private parties to these communities with high-end brand activations, and give public parties undiscovered and innovative ways to transforms their cities into smart urban playgrounds for urban sports which creates a better quality of life in cities.

Designed by urban athletes, for urban athletes, municipalities, and brands

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SOcial feed 

spots &


Show WHo’s


CHALLENGES, Jams & Events

personal account

Combined with


Insights dashboard | activation dashboard



Urban athletes
“The dream”

“The urban club”

“Marketing tool”

- Know the legendary spots ;-)
- Sharing content -from all levels- with your peers 
- Connecting with your peers
- Sports becomes more fun & challenging
- You can –finally- compete with others

- Active youngsters, and keep them longer active

- Make the public space more exercise-friendly  
- Insights in the ‘unorganized’
- Make rightful decisions & investments 
- Improving quality of life
- Improving economy

- Don’t be an interruptive ad, build a (interactive) relationship
- Connect with ‘trendy’ urban sports
- Branding
- Stimulate sales 

“When you want, where you want, with who you want” 

“Build smarter and healthier cities"

"Be an inspiration for your audience"

business model

“Cities pay for your marketing roll-out, and it strengthens your data-model”  
- Investment manager BOM

Map 2.0.png

“Companies generates more users and more value” 

- Red Bull marketing manager

All sources of income can and will be,
automated and made scalable.
Successful concepts in other domains

All 20+ mln. revenue 

- Runkeeper sold to Asics for $85 million 
- Runtastic sold to Adidas for $239 million 
- Endomondo sold to Under Armour for $85 million 
- Strava, 1 billion valuation and sells products similar to CityLegends: premium features (B2C), brandactivations (B2B), and data-driven insights (B2G)

URBN Jumpers PNG.png

- Only focus on one urban sport: URBN Jumpers (Freerun), LOKE (Skateboarding)
- Very one-sided revenue streams: Premium features, donations or merchandise 
- Don’t have partners to develop unique high-end features


“There is no competition within the urban sports market that is focused on multiple urban sports, certainly nothing like CityLegends”
– Red Bull marketing manager




Multi urban sports platform, where we unite the urban community, show (sport) spots, where urban athletes can challenge and meet others. When we got a larger userbase, paid premium features will be implemented. High-end features on the state-of-the-art 5G-Network are being developed with our partners, features such as Objected-Augmented-Reality and smart analytic algorithms.

Free & 
€3+ a month per user | 
subscription model

Freemium- and, 
Premium platform

Freemium-, &

Cities see CityLegends as a digital urban sports club where citizens stay active longer for outdoor sports which creates a better quality of life within cities. CityLegends offers municipalities digital activation campaigns that transform their cities into smart playgrounds and which stimulate citizens for an active lifestyle. Hereby cities actually pay for our marketing roll-out and it strengthens our data-model.

€13k+| onboarding, subscription

Urban sports clubs
& Municipalities activations

Urban sports clubs& activation campaigns

Data-based insights for municipalities and governments, both as input as for monitoring their (sport, culture, public space, and mobility) policymaking and programming.

€10k+ | tailored insights
€5k+ per year | subscription for dashboard

Smart cities & 
urban data insights

Smart cities & 
urban data insights


Brand activations
& Market insights

Brands are being connected to urban communities with unique opportunities for high-end brand activations, interactive-advertisements, and in-app surveys. 

€ 7k+ | brand activations, onboarding, subscription

€ 6-10 per answer | Surveys with subscription 


Jimmy (28)


Jeffrey (28) 
Lead developer & Designer


Rob (42)


Harmen (44)
Public expert


Your spot?

USPC Profielfoto 3.jpg

- Imec.Istart shareholder and acceleration program participant

- Acceleration program with focus on scalable software and hardware start-ups

- International network

- University Healthcare-, sport & innovation management

- Ex-urban athlete

- 4 years relevant work experience

- 9 years entrepreneur

- University ICT (not graduated, started as entrepreneur)

- Urban athlete
- 5 years entrepreneur 

- University ICT

- More than 20 years relevant experience

- 5 years entrepreneur
- Participated in various sporttech and adtech start-ups

- University Society & Technology

- CEO of Urban Sports expertise and innovation centre

- Highly experienced in public, innovation, and start-up domain

Remaining team & advisory board

4 Other team members with 4 years avg. work experience in a relevant domain, half of the team is an (ex-) urban athlete. Advisory board with avg. 25. relevant work experience of business development, building start-ups to scale-ups, financial knowledge, and broad network within brands and public parties.

Early hires

1 full-time senior business developer. Later, 2 developers with 3 years avg. work experience in relevant companies to their roles. There´s no immediate need for developers because one of our shareholders ‘Hulan’ is a gamestudio with 15 FTE, were we easily scale up and down at favorable rates.

market & traction

TAM  V2.png
TAM V2 Athletes.png
TAM V2 Municipalities 100k.png
TAM V2 Brands.png

TAM: 3,4 billion. 60+ million Urban athletes* (8-25y), 1760+ municipalities (+100.000 citizens), 5000+ Brands (with 2.5+ million revenue). Market drivers: individualization, urbanization, social media, urban sports on Olympics.

*Skateboarding, Parkour, BMX, Scootering, Calisthenics, Inline-skate, Trampoline Freerunning, Street Soccer, Street basketball;
Opportunities (not calculated within given number): Surfing, Skiing, Snowboarding, …;

"Users generate yearly €3,1, and we can reach and keep them for €2,5"
(including active- non-active users)


Urban athletes

- 94% willing to contribute €3,67 a month for premium features (by questionnaires)
- metrics we use 3% premium, €3+ a month, total acquisition cost €1,4 per user, retention cost €1,1, lifetime value 22+ months, churn max. 8%, ...

- 300 ambassadors, willing to promote CityLegends for free

Municipalities & governments

- 82% wish to purchase

- 51 leads, with half of them we are negotiating about budget

- Goal 2021: 20 municipalities signings. Now on 9 and counting!

- Present clients (9): Arnhem, Den Bosch, Helmond, Breda, Hilversum, Amersfoort, Dordrecht, Groningen, and Rotterdam


- 88% wants to be involved with paid collaborations

- Marketing agencies want to be brand enablers 

- 4 Pilots with Blue Tomato, Jumpsquare, JumpXL, Skatedeluxe


- (bèta) Platform 1.0 + launch

- 1800+ bèta users

- 30+ leads & 6 paid pilots

- 5G Partnership (e.g. VodafoneZiggo)

- 35k revenue

- 10+ cities 
- 3+ companies
- Benelux marketing campaign 
- Funding phase approx. 600k
- Data-driven reports for cities

- 18+ cities Benelux, Germany and/or United Kingdom
- 4+ brands pilots
- Established longterm partnership with multinational
- First 5Gamechanger on 5G-net 
- Implemented B2C and/or B2B business model




- Concept and business model validated

- Coreteam build
- CityLegends founded

- Platform 2.0
- Deeply validated B2C and B2B business model
- Contracted additional marketeer & researcher


- Launched broadly within Belgium and the Netherlands
- 10.000 users






Q1’2020 - Own cash invested 150k€ for research, branding, and development

Q3’2020 - 3rd party cash invested 50k€ (Imec.IStart)

Q1'2021 - 80k closed deals + 50k grant 

June’2022 - Funding ask of 600k (80k Imec.Istart, 520k <open investor>) for mainly international B2G and B2C marketing, business development, and development of additional unique ‘gamechanger’ features to support exponential international growth. 

Are you our legend?

The Netherlands | Eindhoven

Belgium | Antwerpen 

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