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The world around us is changing. Faster than ever. People want to be more independent. You should be able to pursue your passion anywhere with whoever you want and whenever you want. Sports, culture, and arts. Urban sports & culture offers this to people in need of more freedom. But this world is the opposite of the traditional club culture we know. Which creates challenges. Challenges to reach and empower this 'invisible' target group. Knowing what is going on, what the success stories are and what exactly we should not do. You will find out all this at the Urban Policy Congress


Location: Pier 15 Skatepark, Breda​

Date: October 12th 2023

Start: ???

End: ???

Tickets: click here

Price: €175,-

Register before: ???

LINES by CityLegends will host the very first Urban Policy Congress on October 12th at Pier 15 Skatepark, Breda. A day dedicated to sharing knowledge, interaction and experience, focusing on urban sport and culture. The day will feature panels, table discussions, keynotes and activities organised by professionals grounded in the urban world. Urban leaders, parties, artists and policymakers themselves. By stakeholders who are in direct contact with the scene, as well as at policy level.


A diverse program covering all facets related to urban. Lessons learned, insights and sharing of knowledge from the field, the policy side and the scene.


The admission of urban sports at the Olympic Games has dramatically increased the policy recognition for the scene. But how do you facilitate sport in its full range? From introductory beginners to absolute elite sports.


Both sports and culture are inextricably linked, as are the otherwise organised world and the street. Urban practitioners therefore see themselves as artists rather than athletes. But daring to let go of initiatives, to help where needed and to get youth involved in the right way. How do you organise that?


Many developments are taking place within the community. Trend-wise, sometimes one or two steps before it hits the radar of municipalities and governments. You can find out what the young scene is up to on a daily basis right here:


Where everything started for urban, but where nowadays every square metre is being fought for. Housing, activity, infrastructure, green, meeting and movement. Bringing all this together with implementation of urban as a common thread. How do we do that?


There is plenty more to do and experience before, between and after the regular program!




Pier 15

Submerging and gathering in urban culture could hardly be better than at Pier 15 Skatepark in Breda. A previously empty shed, which has been taken in hand by the local scene and has now become one of the most prominent skate and culture temples in the world. Not only sports, but also culture, events, catering and social initiatives find their home at Pier 15 day in, day out. A very unique place which we will use to its full potential for the very first congress.

pier 15

Pier 15 


Pier 15
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Nine Yards

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