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Engage with the urban community, make community-based decisions, stimulate young people for urban sports & culture. 
LINES helps you build urban strategies with the community that match current digital trends. We hold conversations, events, research and build relationships with impact. Creating healthy, smart, and vibrant cities with urban.

25+ cities already unlocked the potential of urban.

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More vibrant cities
with urban sports & culture  

urban strategies

Urban is often overlooked. Opportunities are being lost. While urban has the power to make a social impact, create better infrastructure for sport, culture and address social problems. Challenges were public parties already struggled and tackled. Challenges and solutions where we can learn from and can be implemented in your city. With LINES we build bottom-up urban strategies based on experiences. Strategies that you can use yourself with various tools. The expertise is available.

Unlock it, just as the potential of urban.


Community based decisions,
not on gut feeling

How it works

At LINES we combine feedback of the community, policymakers, best practices, learned lessons and educational information about various topics. Sport, social, culture, facilities, and public space. With the support of our community app, international network and experiences, we help cities on their journey.

City of Groningen

community app



Online dashboard

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Healthy vibrant cities. More sportive, artistic and social.

I. Get to know a hard-to-reach group
II. Give our community a voice and make them heard 


I. More local support

II. Informed policy makers

The right investments

I. Cost-effective

II. Successful & faster implementation

II. With the right partners


Don’t know who the local urban community is?

Urban city scan

The urban community is differently organized than traditional sports and culture. Making it challenging to understand who and where our community is. We explore who the local urban community is, deep dive into their needs, and make roadmaps with supported next steps. The main goal is to bring the community and cities closer to each other. Making the LINES to realize next steps.


Case - Den Bosch

The municipality of Den Bosch wondered: "Who is the unbound urban athlete & artists?" and "What do they need to flourish?". We went out and many eye-openers came to light. The results made it possible to make focused, cost-effective, and more successful investments with the right partners.

We never thought that up to 30% of the youth was into urban sports & culture


City of Roermond

How it works

  1. Define your cities need

  2. We get in touch with the urban community and public parties

  3. Insights and roadmaps


  1. Urban community

  2. Accommodations & public space

  3. Collaborations

  4. Activation & events

Our promise

  1. We’ll take work out of your hands

  2. Make community-based decisions 

  3. You don't have to reinvent the (urban) wheel

Supported by InnoSportLab Sport & Beweeg

center of expertise in the field of unorganized sports


Talk about urban with Yendor

What can urban sports & culture do for your city? Feel free to pass on a question, we are looking forward to thinking along with you.

Stimulate the community and others for the community.

With the local community, we unite different parties and strengthen them. Creating innovative activation campaigns that fits in today’s digital world (and which have a long-term effect). Campaigns that turn the city into an interactive playground where people are stimulated for urban sports & culture in a sustainable way. 

events & activations

Using social media, gaming, and digital techniques to stimulate youngsters for sports & culture

uban insights

City of Ghent

visual-screens-map btm

Case - city of helmond

Helmond wanted to do something for the urban scene during COVID-19 and was curious how the public space was used and who the scene was. During the summer we held a small off- & online campaign to transform the city into an interactive playground and get to know the urban scene better.


How it works

  1. Unite the community

  2. Map the urban world

  3. Activate

  4. Stimulate citizens for urban

Our promise

  1. Gamifying the city

  2. More active citizens, urban athletes and members

  3. Healthier and more vibrant cities

  4. Decreasing social challenges

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