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Engage with the urban community, bring people together, stimulate citizens for urban sports & culture, and make policy decisions based on knowledge. CityLegends is an urban sports & culture research- and activation agency, with an own platform, used by the urban community and municipalities to strengthen the urban community in their own way and to create better cities for urban athletes and citizens.


Don’t know who the local urban community is?

Urban city scan 
& participate 

urban city scan

The urban community is differently organized than traditional sports and culture. Making it challenging to understand who and even where they are located. We explore who the local urban community is, deep dive into their needs, and establish collaborations. With the main goal to bring the community and municipality closer to each other, and to realize supported next-steps.

We also invest in the scan because we believe in stronger communities


How it works

  1. Formulate your main goal (or ask)

  2. Get in touch with the urban community and public parties

  3. We give insights and together we formulate concrete next-steps


  1. Urban profile

  2. Accommodations

  3. Collaborations

  4. Activation

  5. Sponsorships & external funding

Our promise

  1. We’ll take work out of your hands

  2. Make decisions based on knowledge

  3. You don't have to reinvent the (urban) wheel

Supported by InnoSportLab Sport & Beweeg
center of expertise in the field
of unorganized sports


Stimulate the community and others for the community.

With the local community, we unite different parties, strengthen them, and create innovative activation campaigns that fits in today’s digital world (and which have a long-term effect). Campaigns that turn the city into an interactive playground where people are stimulated for urban sports & culture in a sustainable way. 


Case - helmond

Helmond wanted to do something for the urban scene during COVID-19, and at the same time was curious how the public space was used and who the scene was. During the summer we held a small off- & online campaign to transform the city into an interactive playground and get to know the urban scene better.

Use social media, gaming, and digital techniques to stimulate youngsters for sports & culture

2. Spot ownen.png

Urban sport- & culture club for unbound communities
and municipalities.

& modern organized

CityLegends has a digital urban sport- & culture platform, to connect, modernly organize the community, and stimulate urban athletes longer for sports and culture. Simultaneously, the platform provides insights to get to know urban athletes better and create better cities for urban sports & culture. 

1. Map.png

Only a kickstart needed and maintenance-free


How it works

  1. Unite the scene

  2. Gamify your city

  3. Stimulate the community and youngster for urban

Our promise

  1. More active citizens and urban athletes

  2. More lively & healthier city

  3. The city becomes a playground (gamify)

  4. Cities quality of life improves

  5. Economic impact

uban insights

Better cities for
urban athletes
and citizens.  

Urban Insights

Would you like to know how the city is being used by urban athletes such as BMX-ers, freerunners, skateboarders, scooters? To build smarter, more efficient, and better cities for sports & culture?


Decisions based on knowledge,
not on gut feeling


How it works

Users tell us how they use and experience public space. By showing which places they use, how they use it, and what level of maintenance, quality, and safety there is in the public space. With respect for our community’s, Insights strips this dataset of identifiers and aggregates it. What is left is a vast source of trends and insights, to shape the public space based on knowledge.

Our promise

Understand patterns

See how the public space is being used and monitored on intensity, safety, maintenance and quality

Evaluate projects

Get data-driven justification for urban investments and compare before and after to know what’s really working

Improve cities

User data-driven knowledge for smarter investments

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