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interact – motivate – ACTIVATE

Bold ways to interact with the urban scene within city campaigns, urban parks, CityLegends, and any other social media. We create, design, and execute strategies in an interactive way. Simultaneously you support the community.
If you are ready, then we are.



Want to be more than an interruptive ad?

Interactive campaigns 

Brands on CityLegends connect with urban athletes like nowhere else. You’ll be an authentic part of the experience, interacting with the most engaged community of athletes in the world. Behind every one of our partner’s challenges, competitions and integrations is an athlete with a goal. You can be an interruptive ad for them on another platform, or their source of motivation on CityLegends.

City campaings and events

Challenge others within CityLegends and through other social media.


Turn your brand into
athlete inspiration

How it works

  1. Businesses can design with CityLegends their own challenge, competition, or battle.

  2. Athletes are always searching for a new goal. Motivate them.

  3. Spread the word. Athletes see new challenges, can challenge others within CityLegends and through other social media.

3. Challenge.png

Challenges take place over a couple of days, a week, or a month, and will engage your existing customers while growing a new audience. Like traditional marketing, they build awareness and loyalty for your brand that ultimately drive purchases. But challenges are unique in that they motivate your customers in an authentic way by inspiring them to do what they already love – uploading a dope (trick)video and smashing it – with your brand at the center

Blue Tomato wanted to create a deeper connection with their audience (skateboarders) and to inspire them while COVID-19 was around. They partnered with CityLegends to reach new customers, as well as motivate athletes by online-battles, where the community was the jury,

Case - BLue TOmato

sponsored challenges

With our developers, we have the opportunity to create new features with our partners. Ever wanted to create a Game of Skate or some other insane competition? Then we’re open to creating a unique experience for your target group.

Unique features for your audience

Our promise

Brand building

Gain exposure to new customers and build loyalty among fans

Meaningful customer interactions

Get athletes moving and reward them with your products


Win new fans, contacts and customers

Gamify parks

Gamify parks 

Today's youngsters are fully connected to their mobile. They can no longer live without it. Some see it as a problem, we see it as an opportunity. Why not use it as a tool? We gamify with no hassle urban parks (e.g. skate parks, parkour parks). With artistic QR codes, you'll be in a gaming environment in no time, challenging you to use the park even more. All kinds of competitions can be set up on-site or against other spots worldwide.

Give an extra dimension to a campaign? That is what JumpXL and Jumpsquare wanted. Together with other social media, influencers, and CItyLegends, each park was made interactive and trampoline-freerunners could battle on the spot and win various prizes! 

Case - Jumpsquare & JumpXL

Gamify your park with no hassle 


How it works

  1. Create an artistic QR-code within your brand's style

  2. Place it at your park and connect it to the platform 

  3. Optional: Create a unique competition 

  4. Time to play

  5. Get insights how it´s being used 

Our promise

  1. Users will communicate your park

  2. More people will come back to the park  

  3. You have a smart gamificated park 

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