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Street Sports (also known as Urban Sports) are booming and growing strongly in the year 2020, because young people want to play less tied sports. We want to decide for ourselves when, where and with who we sport. So, it’s not surprising that in the recent years the number of Urban practitioners has increased enormously.

This growth also has been seen at institutions such as the Olympic Games, which recently added skateboarding, BMX freestyle and breakdance as new disciplines, or at municipalities that increasingly focus on stimulating Urban Sports and at companies outside the sector. As a society, we are slowly embracing the Urban Sports & Culture.

However, municipalities and government related parties are facing new challenges to support Urban Sports & Culture at their best. Urban Sports are unique in their kind and cannot be compared to traditional sports. We are characterized by core values such as sports, community, creativity, urbanity and a "do it yourself, but do it together" mentality.

Together with Urban Sports Performance Centre and Urban Sports Coalition, a collaboration between the KNGU, KNWU, Sportbedrijf Arnhem and the local urban community, we are researching how youngsters and children -who don’t practice urban yet- can be involved into urban. Secondly, we are setting up an activation program combined with digital components such as CityLegends and ‘traditional’ social media. To interest more youngsters for Urban Sport & Culture, increase involvement, retain members and widely strengthen the community!


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