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Groningen keeps going. €0.5 million, support and more.

We were positively stunned. Groningen is pushing ahead with urban! After an innovative pilot project with digital activations, insights were gathered from the bottom up. Insights that made it clear that the Municipality of Groningen has a strong urban scene, one full of potential. A total of 456 urban youths made themselves heard! This led to internal support and a roadmap with concrete steps to take the scene to the next level.

As a result of the campaign and cooperation with policymakers and the local scene, something happened. The City of Groningen has:

- 🤝 (more) support for urban and will receive a 0.5 million budget for a beautiful outdoor skate park.

- Moreover, the existing skate parks are being critically examined. And if there are opportunities to replace or renew, the urban scene will be actively involved.

- The City of Groningen is investigating the possibilities for a parkour/freerun indoor location and even an second outdoor location! In cooperation with parkour club ABC. 👊

- The right pioneers are in the picture at Groningen and there is structural contact with each other through an Urban Workgroup.

- An Urban Sports & Culture policy maker has appointed which has structural contact with the pioneers of Groningen.

- Above all, the importance of urban sports is becoming increasingly apparent within the City of Groningen and is becoming a structural part of Groningen's (sports) policy.

Sports, culture, and youth.

We did the programme together with the sport, culture and youth work department of Groningen, neighbourhood sports coaches, city marketeers and 8 involved urban scenes. Policy officer Ezra Schrijver in particular was a driving force. Keep it up Groningen!


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