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Okay, we got in the Dutch newspaper but not with a cool title though....

We recently got picked up for an interview and it stated ‘Launches a sort of Pokémon for Urban’. But wait, that’s not the case! We are building a platform to create the most most engaged community of unbound athletes & artists by capturing, sharing and experiencing their passion and creativity with others. In addition, we want to build a (better) bridge for local urban communities with municipalities and companies to support the ever growing community.

Our team exist of a multi-urban discipline background combined with a digital community that supports our every day to develop the platform further, from anywhere. The community decides if we go left or right, and that’s the road we shall take. In the early days of CityLegends we started drawing with several urban disciplines, from parkour till skateboarding and we noticed in the very beginning ‘spots’, ‘challenges’ and ‘jams’ are the foundation of all disciplines. From there on, we collaborated with youngsters to create the ultimate platform for every urban sports & culture practitioner.


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