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Urban backed by Europe

The CityLegends project has started from bottom-up and with a lot of drawing with urban athletes and artist. At the end of the first prototyping cycle, there finally was a concept that challenges urban practitioners to express their passion through a dynamic location-based platform and community. With the help of the European project Vitality Living Lab, project partner InnoSportLab Sport & Beweeg in collaboration with municipalities and local urban and lifestyle parties, we could give this concept an enormous boost to connect urban athletes & artists, highlight their passion and create more active practitioners. The ultimate goal is to become the most involved urban community in the world.

The Vitality Living Lab (backed by Op-Zuid) consist of 14 partners from sectors as business, government, universities and sports in the Brainport region. Who work together to strengthen the regional ‘Brainport’ innovation ecosystem around sports and vitality and to promote a healthy active lifestyle in society.


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