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Funding and support for Urban Sports & Culture in Nijmegen

📢 Together with various departments (a strength of Nijmegen) we mapped the scenes, listened and worked on the futureproof plan. A bottom-up 'city scan' involving the voice of the scene, as well as top-down from municipal policy makers and stakeholders. Based on this plan, the policymakers and most importantl all the Nijmegen scene. An additional €950.000 has been provided!

The strong urban scene of Nijmegen

Nijmegen boosts strong scenes that are growing fast and are making themselves heard more and more. Politicians are also hearing them. Nijmegen has a lot of urban talent and mature pioneers who push the scene forward. And with Waalhalla one has an 'urban pearl' on the Waal (the city river). A place where urban sports, culture, arts and entrepreneurship are combined. Chapeau and an example for the worldwide urban scene!

Growth, but limited support.

Only as these scenes grow and flourish, support was lacking. As the interest in urban grew, so did the infrastructure, facilitation and spatial challenges. Research was done into this infrastructure demand, as well as the size, the wishes and the impact of the scene.

€950.000, action and impact.

The impact of the scene was obvious. Impact was made on youth prevention, sports, culture, tourism, and quality of life improved as well. Especially among the youth. On this basis €950.000 was made available to:

- Renovate and preserve Urban Hub “Waalhalla”. The home of urban.

- Various renovations are being considered for outdoor spaces.

- Realise new infrastructure initiatives in collaboration with the local scenes.

- Appoint an urban sports coach by the City of Nijmegen. Who connects youth work, public space, city marketing, arts and culture.

- Set up an urban policy group to help the scenes gain better access to the outdoors.


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