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Accelerate Urban Sports in sports federations and public spaces!

Urban Sports & Culture is growing across borders of the Netherlands, just like CityLegends. It is common knowledge that municipalities and sports federations are facing the challenge of new forms of organisation, communities and their core values. In Belgium, Flemish Minister of Sports (Ben Weyts) and SportVlaanderen have decided to accelerate urban sports and seek collaboration.

CityLegends will support 7 (!) sports federations with their strategy, branding, digitalisation, activation and all sorts of actions around urban sports & culture, as well as making connections to local governments and other partners. From CityLegends we will provide expertise of urban sports & culture, building (digital) communities, and multiple policy domains (youth, urban development, culture, city marketing, ...).

"We are proud to support others more and more abroad"

We are proud to support others more and more abroad. Urban Sports & Culture such as skateboarding, BMX, freerunning, 3x3 basketball are more and more visible in public spaces. And also its top sports are growing in popularity due to the presence of breaking, skateboarding, BMX and 3x3 basketball at the Olympic Games.

CityLegends, IDEA Consult, Urban Sports Performance Center (USPC) and Vital Cities of HOWEST (knowledge institution) will work as a team with complementary expertise for 1,5 years, providing guidance from various angles (organisation, target group reach, branding, infrastructure, ...). We will do this on a tailor-made basis for specific challenges for Gymfed, Skate Vlaanderen and Danssport Vlaanderen, among others, as well as in group trajectories with all federations and stakeholders together.


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