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CityLegends x Breda

Kicking off in Breda!

Together with the sports- and culture department we are going to deepdive into the urban culture of Breda.


In recent years there has been a shift in the Dutch sports landscape; young people increasingly want to decide for themselves where, with whom and when they play sports. This was our conclusion after speaking to more than 500 young people from Brabant. Sports and exercise should be more free, more digital and fit better with the current ideals of young people. A while ago we did a study for the municipality of Breda, which showed that young people and especially those from the urban scene want to exercise more freely and unbound. However, young people often do not know where to find the right sports facilities that meet their needs. They resort to do-it-yourself places that the young people make or places that are usually not intended for sports, such as parking lots. We decided to join forces with the municipality of Breda and look together at what is still lacking in the field of urban.

CityLegends app. Connecting our community.

Sometimes young people want to meet people outside their own group or they want to have more of a competitive form. With this in mind, the CityLegends app was launched. We are now working to further improve the app thanks to feedback from users and the municipality of Breda. Then we want to make the community stronger by organizing events, showing what's going on in the neighborhood and letting the app users create challenges and competitions themselves. Such a challenge is different from a traditional sports competition. The challenges are much more form-free and creativity is an important factor. If someone does a cool trick, someone else has to be triggered to go over the top. In this way young people are engaged in sports in an accessible way.

Activation campaign. Connect, inspire and activate others for urban.

We want to set up an activation campaign with the financial support from the fund. Our vision: we are going to set up all kinds of challenges in Breda together with the people who are connected to the app. This way, we want to create a great experience for the local community in Breda and at the same time inspire other people to practice urban. The app is the driving force behind the activation campaign, working towards a digital urban club with the motto that you don't have to do anything, but everything is possible. By expanding the app, more and more challenges can be organized together with the current community, connecting them more strongly. In addition, the plan is to spread the competitions through social media, so that new people can join in. Thanks to the financial support from the BrabantSport Fund, the app is really lively and we can make a kick start, then it is up to the community itself to keep pushing the ball forward.


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