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CityLegends is coming to Helmond! Together with the local community, municipality Helmond and Jibb+ we are going to create an interactive urban playground of Helmond. Three disciplines have been ‘the chosen ones’; Skateboarding, BMX and Parkour.

With the local parties, popular spots and hidden-gems will be placed within the app, and interactive challenges will be created to activate youngsters! In the app you can add photos and videos to create spots, rate spots and tricks, set-up jams ‘meeting- and trainingplaces’. Where an empty square or a lost wall can get a legendary status!

Combined with modern activation tools from CityLegends platform and social media, hotspots and challenges are brought to the attention. Throughout unique (web-)hyperlinks youngsters can challenge each other, enter the online urban world with ease and start challenges in the ‘offline’ world. Together with the local scene we stimulate movement and creativity among youngsters in Helmond trough their own digital way.


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