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The Urban Sports Coalition and CityLegends among other urban legends present "The Urban Handbook"

The Urban Sports Coalition (USC)

The USC is a Dutch nationwide network consisting of several initiators and passionate contributors that want to facilitate urban sports and arts in the best way possible. The purpose of the network is to share knowledge and grow together. Their shared dream is that everyone will be given a chance to practice urban sports and arts whilst still maintaining the unique community character. They want to inspire youngsters and older people to move, discover their passion and broaden their horizons.

The book

During their several years of activity and research in the urban scene, working together with CityLegends and other initiatives, they gained a lot of valuable information and knowledge that is applicable and reusable for other like-minded initiatives. And as mentioned earlier, the purpose of the network is to share that knowledge and grow together. They have combined all that knowledge in one central place and now released the “Urban Sports Handbook”. It is an accessible source of knowledge on how urban youngsters can organize themselves and how municipalities can further stimulate, support, and facilitate these needs. The message the book wants to send is to take the urban youth seriously, involve them in your plans and give them responsibility. Urban sports & culture is infectious and brings forth enterprising young people that move and can organize themselves very well. They play a very important part in a sustainable, healthy, fit, and self-conscious society.

You can pick up a copy of the book by clicking the link below.


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