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Our mission

Creating vibrant communities for the free.


We are

LINES by CityLegends is the link between the world of urban sport & culture and yours. We facilitate, support and empower cities, brands and communities. Giving bottom-up insights and enabling growth without losing the sharp edge of the scene. Involved in every moment of the urban world through CityLegends. We are an agency for urban sports & culture.


At LINES, our cultures set us apart and impact everything we do. Driven by five values:

We are independent

We are a community, forever

We are the one, for the free.

We make your voice heard. Shape your city.

And most off all: We're Never Done.

our legends

resarch –urban – creative – digital

Meet our diverse team of public domain experts, researchers, activators, software- and data fanatics.


"Wasn't a great skateboarder, now trying to inspire others ;)"

JImmy Hermans 

CityLegends expedition Officier

Yorick knijff
urban creator


"Taking the scene to the next level, creating the attention it deserves and letting it stay itself is the ultimate goal for me."


"Better at programming than skateboarding, but that doesn't hold me back from trying hard. Making the best Urban sports app out there."

thijmen verkerk

lead developer


"Accelerating the social value with CityLegends"

Imke Leerink
social media manager


"Checked spots before apps existed."

Niek cloin
creative director


"Just playing outside and sharing this online. Trying to grow the urban community as big as possible."

junior sanders
community & social manager

"Like my codes as clean as my desk"


"Want to try new sports and meet new people, why not combine them?"

Milan Meurrens

full stack developer


"Combining my passion for urban sports with my profession, to grow the best community out there!"

Lotte timmermans



"Closing the gap of urban and public parties"

Harmen bijsterbosch
Public & innovation expert


"Designing is pretty much like skateboarding.

Failing 95% of the time, but LIVING for the feeling of that 5%."

Sander ubachs
(ui/ux) Designer


"Making sure our competitions run smoother than my urban sports skills."​​

marc verwijmeren

full stack developer


"Creating a platform, for all who wish to be a part of a dope community. With no exceptions."

Lars Vromans