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How do we easily show the Rotterdam urban scene to the common citizen and to all community members? For this, we work together with the Urban Culture Lab and the municipality of Rotterdam, to show urban and connect urban. Together, we make urban spots, providers, and urban companies visible, interactive, and connect urban athletes and artists.

After conversations with the community, wishes emerged such as unique urban spots for urban companies that provide citizens with insights who-does-what and the possibility to contact them if they are interested. For example, trial lessons from an urban provider. In this way, we are captivating the influx of new urban practitioners.

AA unique Urban Rotterdam webpage is also being developed, which can be viewed by or Curious? Take a look. Together we continuously work to optimize the map. We are not finished yet, we are just getting started.

CityLegends is also brought to attention through workshops, clinics, and urban demos. Then (new) community members can continue their urban adventure in the app. Also, we look at how we can support and stimulate the urban scene with partners, interested?


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