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Apeldoorn (City Scan & Urban Policy Support)

Apeldoorn has a rich history when it comes to street culture. For instance, the city has produced Dutch champions breaking with Come Correct Crew in 2004 & 2005. Apeldoorn also realised one of the first indoor skateparks in the country in the form of Real X. As far as the Veluwe, there are many roots within urban.

Mapping the potential

Unfortunately, the desired impact on the scene did not follow. Real X closed its doors some time ago and other disciplines could not yet experience the desired growth either. A misconnection with the public domain and a missing vision were the cause. However, the national developments on urban gave enough incentive to start exploring the field. A City Scan therefore had to reveal where needs, interests and hidden opportunities were situated.


The scene turned out to be strong, ambition was high and it was sensed that connection could be the solution to regrowing urban. The latter was therefore explicitly sought. Setting up working and policy groups with a focus on urban and young people was soon a reality. As early as the research phase, these were realised.

Pushing ahead by connecting

A follow-up took place almost immediately. The importance of a link between scene and domain was seen as the intended key to maintaining the good energy from the City Scan. Sander became interim policy supporter for six months. Recommendations were implemented, including school activities, and the implementation of a sustainable follow-up: Apeldoorn's own urban officer.

And it became a reality! After a profile was prepared based on Sanders' work, a vacancy was posted for the new officer position. Ex Come Correct crew member and breaking teacher Patrick van Gurp cashed it and took over with verve. The highlight was the Urban APD event, which attracted a whopping 2,000 visitors at its first edition.

What did we achieve?

What did we achieve


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