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Dordrecht (City Scan, Urban Session & Policy Support)

The Maasplaza Skatepark gained global recognition with a replica of the Skater XL Game. No wonder Dordrecht soon wanted to get started with urban sports & culture. One of the first municipalities where we did a City Scan. It soon became clear that a diverse scene was based in the city. Connecting and stimulating them was the ultimate goal.

Urban officer Tim and Urban Vouchers

Neighbourhood sports coach Tim Verbaas is a booster of urban within the city walls of Dordrecht. So he was the chosen one to be appointed as urban officer. With him, the urban voucher system was set up. These vouchers can be applied for by the scene, with which they can realise urban offers.

LINES organised an evening session, during which:

Evening session program


A good foundation was thus laid for a better policy in Dordrecht focused on urban.


Need for sustainability

Tim, however, could not do it alone with the eight hours a week he dedicates to the scene. The urban vouchers were spent, but there was no follow-up. Nor did projects get the intended follow-up, among other things the realisation of a pumptrack in the city. From the sports department, other areas were urgently looked at, while the need for urban was only increasing.

Support was needed and LINES went to "Dordt" with an urban policy supporter. Connection became the key concept, which involved:

LINES support


Over a period of six months, we realised the above through the extra eight hours, facilitated from LINES. After this, the baton was handed back to Tim!




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