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Waalwijk (City Scan and Urban Policy Support)

Brabant's Waalwijk is beautifully located along the Drunense Dunes and, with its associated municipalities of Waspik & Sprang-Capelle, has 50,000 inhabitants. A considerably bigger core, housing many young people.

However, the offers for the youth are limited. The larger cities in Brabant beckon. In addition, there is no train connection. So you can't just go wherever you want to go as a youthful, outgoing Waalwijker. That's where urban sports & culture can play a good role.

Go Waalwijk 2023

Getting a better view of Waalwijk's youth climate

Through a City Scan, we soon found out that Waalwijk has a surprisingly complete urban scene. Disciplines such as skating, BMX, freerunning, scooter, basketball, hip-hop and graffiti are present and alive among the youth. However, the offer and climate still deserve a good push. This is something that can provide suitable offerings for young people.

The compactness is also Waalwijk's strength, it turned out. All organisations working with young people (Tavenu, RKC Waalwijk, Beweegburo, Contour de Twern, Arts Centre, Go Waalwijk), actively work together to realise good offerings. The Go Waalwijk festival is already a good example of this, where the urban square - successfully - made its debut in 2023!

From results to mandate

There is potential in Waalwijk. The City Scan created energy and good insight, which deserves a worthy follow-up. From April 1st onwards, Yorick will therefore start work as interim urban policy supporter. In doing so, he will focus on:

Yorick's upcoming work in Waalwijk

A productive proposal for the scene and young people of Waalwijk, serving as a layout for a future-proof city with urban. Any questions? Send us a message. We'll be happy to tell you more.


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