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CityLegends challenges urban, also during the corona lockdown!

The world has changed enormously in a short period of time, the sports and culture sector has also been hit hard. Large and small events are not going on and many sports and creation venues are closed. Fortunately, many beautiful and playful alternatives have been born.

CityLegends also wants to help keep in touch and in motion in these times. Together with the scene, we activate and unite urban practitioners. With our urban community platform we are launching modern and innovative corona-proof-activations that are fully in tune with today's digital living world. If we can't go to urban, we just bring urban to us!

"Modern and innovative corona-proof-activations"

CityLegends offers multiple options to activate the youth at a safe distance. Challenges with which you can share a trick and challenge others on your own, from home or from public space. Online battles, where the city as a jury digitally determines what the coolest trick is. Digital competitions, online events, urban spot route, etc. where the city is simultaneously enriched with (digital) hotspots and challenges. This is how we activate and connect urban practitioners. Safe, healthy and above all with lots of fun, daring and creativity!

Curious how we can activate your city in cooperation with the local urban scene? Feel free to contact us for the possibilities (


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