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Urban Brabant

CityLegends is a platform that wants to stimulate, unite and connect inactive young people and sportsmen and women and challenge them in a subconscious and playful way to exercise (even more), in order to reduce the increasing viewing and sitting behaviour of youngsters

The CityLegends platform originated from various discussions with over hunderds youngsters, in which it became clear that sports and exercise should be freer, more digital and better suited to the current perception of youngsters. In addition, they expressed the need to gamify public space, meet other users in an accessible way (online and offline), hold social events, gatherings and exercise challenges and give input on their vision for public space.

The CityLegends app was, according to them, the ideal solution in combination with an online and offline campaign set up by and for youth, in which 'the city is your playground'! By using an on- and offline campaign, challenges and influencers, we want to inspire and enthuse youngsters in Brabant about urban sports & culture in order to counteract the increasing sitting behaviour among youth.


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